Angelo Brieussel BA HPDip MBACP ~ Counselling, Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision


"I was a little apprehensive about trying therapy at first, but Angelo provided a safe environment where I could talk about what was on my mind. He helped me to get a better understanding of myself and how to respond in difficult situations. I would recommend his service to others considering therapy."

- Client

"Angelo has been brilliant to work with. His style helped me to form my own conclusions and focus to come up with solutions to the situations I was finding myself in. I suffered from anxiety, lack of self-reassurance, self-doubt, which resulted in some angry responses to frustrations. For a variety of reasons, it affected my current relationship, my work and stopped me from living the life I want to live. It took time, but Angelo helped identify the triggers in my behavioural patterns, made me question whether I was reacting in the way that I wanted to, and guided me to subtly making changes in my reactions. He did this in part by explaining the psychology, in part connecting the dots that we'd discussed, and providing a receptive, listening ear. In some instances, he related ideas back to the workplace and techniques that I knew, understood, and were ‘safe to me’, where he saw that I was more comfortable with my behaviour. Angelo, you have made a real difference to how I respond in these situations! I still have those triggers, but I'm more self-aware and better equipped to handle them in the way I want. Thank you."

- Client

"The two years of one-to-one supervision with you have been so incredible and facilitated so much growth for me, and I just want to take this opportunity really to thank you so much again for that and what our space has given me. I feel as though I have changed about 10 metaphorical dress sizes since starting out in placements, with the amount of personal and professional development and growth, and you helped me so much with that in our supervision. I felt so supported throughout, encouraged and encouraged to take risks.  I have felt your warmth and presence, and complete genuineness and authenticity in our relationship.  And I always felt that you were pleased to see me and that felt utterly wonderful and an enriching experience.  I never felt judged and I knew I could contact you if anything arose throughout the month that I felt I needed support or guidance with, and you never made me feel that this was too much or an inconvenience for you.  I found you to be kind, warm and generous with your time and spirit. The other thing I found about our supervision was that you wanted me to ‘challenge' and you once described it as a 'consultative' process, which gave it, and me, a sense of empowerment and confidence in trusting my own intuition."

- Supervisee

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