Angelo Brieussel BA HPDip MBACP ~ Counselling, Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision

Supervisee Testimonials

"Angelo was my supervisor for over 2 years and he’s one of the best supervisors I have ever had! He provided just the right mix of challenge and support that I needed as a newly qualified counsellor and was able to adapt his supervision style to meet my changing needs as I grew in confidence and experience. He has always been extremely approachable and I never felt judged or afraid of sharing my mistakes and concerns with him. He has been particularly helpful in supporting my transition from counselling adults to counselling young people and his knowledge of safeguarding practices and ethical/legal issues regarding this age group has been first rate! He is committed to developing his supervisees into the best practitioners they can be and frequently suggested ways to expand my knowledge and skills in certain areas. He has also been extremely supportive in helping me manage counselling full-time while struggling with chronic health issues and I always felt able to discuss this with him openly and honestly, knowing that he truly cared about my wellbeing as well as that of my clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone at any stage of their counselling career!"

- Supervisee

"The two years of one-to-one supervision with you have been so incredible and facilitated so much growth for me, and I just want to take this opportunity really to thank you so much again for that and what our space has given me. I feel as though I have changed about 10 metaphorical dress sizes since starting out in placements, with the amount of personal and professional development and growth, and you helped me so much with that in our supervision. I felt so supported throughout, encouraged and encouraged to take risks. I have felt your warmth and presence, and complete genuineness and authenticity in our relationship. And I always felt that you were pleased to see me and that felt utterly wonderful and an enriching experience. I never felt judged and I knew I could contact you if anything arose throughout the month that I felt I needed support or guidance with, and you never made me feel that this was too much or an inconvenience for you. I found you to be kind, warm and generous with your time and spirit. The other thing I found about our supervision was that you wanted me to ‘challenge' and you once described it as a 'consultative' process, which gave it, and me, a sense of empowerment and confidence in trusting my own intuition."

- Supervisee

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